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ARNC - Financials Overview - Arconic Corporation


We've grouped the latest 4 financial reports for ARNC. You can view and compare their Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow.

Income Statement2020
Total Revenue$5.53B
Cost of Revenue$5.69B
Gross Margin-$163M
Research & Development$36.0M
Selling, General and Administrative-
Other Operating Expense-
Total Operating Expense-
Operating Income$80.0M
Interest Income$4.00M
Interest Expense$118M
Net Interest Incomee-$118M
Other Income Expense-
Non-recurring Items-
Other Non-operating Income$15.0M
Income before Provision for income taxes-$108M
Tax Provision$1.00M
Net Income-$109M
Effect of accounting charges-
Minority Interest-
Provision for income taxes-
Non-recurring items-
Other Items-
Discontinued Operations-
Preferred Stock Dividends-
Balance Sheet20192020
Cash, Cash Equivalents & Short-term investments$72.0M$787M
Cash & Cash Equivalents--
Other Short-term Investments--
Other Current Assets$28.0M$53.0M
Total Current Assets$1.76B$2.64B
Non-current Marketable Securities--
total non-current assets$3.30B$3.72B
Other Intangible Assets$25.0M$437M
deferred long-term asset charges--
Total Assets$5.06B$6.31B
Accounts Payable--
Current Debt$33.0M$36.0M
Other Current Liabilties$63.0M$90.0M
Total Current Liabilities$1.34B$1.47B
Long Term Debt$250M$1.28B
Non-Current Deferred Liabilties--
Negative Goodwill--
Other Non-Current Liabilities$50.0M$102M
total non-current liabilities$672M$3.39B
Total capital lease obligations$129M$147M
Total Liabilities$2.09B$4.87B
Shareholder's Equity
Common Stock--
Share premium--
Preferred Stock--
Retained Earnings--
Additional Paid-in Capital--
Gains/Losses not affecting retained earnings--
Treasury Stock--
Total Shareholders' Equity$2.96B$1.43B
Total Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity--
Cash Flow2020
Cash from Operating Activities
Operating Activities$6.00M
Other Operating Activities-
Change(increase) in Operating Activities-
Net Income-$109M
Change in Liabilities-
Change in Inventory-$65.0M
Change(increase) in Account Receivables-
Change(increase) in Receivables$235M
Cash from Investing Activities
Investment Activities-$38.0M
Other Investment Activities-
Capital Expenditures$163M
Cash from Financing Activities
Financing Activities$744M
Other Financing Activities-
Stock Sale and Purchase-
Net Borrowings-
Change(increase) in Cash-
Change(increase) in Cash and Cash Equivalents$712M
Change(increase) in Net Income-
Change in Exchange Rate-
Data source(s): Alpha Vantage